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    Im 22 years old and haven’t gone a week without a bet for about 6 years it started off getting me £30 college allowance then i found a small job and i was putting my wages weekly in the fruit machine/roulette machines sometimes £130 in half an hour a couple of years ago i started working with my dad on good money (for me ) and i was controlling it until i won £900 on a horse and lost the lot within a couple of days and since i haven’t been able to tame down or quit and every week im loosing £400 im in £800 worth of debt, lying to my family and friends and feeling lower than ever just needed to get this off my chest and ive read many posts and its helped a bit.
    Thanks for reading Theres only one winner


    Hi Danny
    Thank you for posting on the Gambling Therapy forum. As you are a GB resident you are entitled to free online support through the Gamcare website at .
    You could also consider residential treatment which you can find out more about by following the below link:
    As Gambling Therapy are not funded to provide support within Great Britain can I suggest that you now copy and paste your post into one of the Gamcare forums where you will receive responses from others in a similar situation to you from all over Great Britain.
    You can also access online or face to face group support through Gamblers Anonymous:
    We wish you well in your recovery.
    Kind Regards
    The Gambling Therapy Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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