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    This is my favourite and strong monolog which helps me stay away from gambling. True words this is what we are, but we can fight this….

    This is from the masterpiece anime about lowlife gambling people like us.
    Please people watch this !! Hope that will help….


    That link is only for a clip, the full vid is about an hour long, its subtitled though but very powerful, and apt.

    Zero no hero

    Hello everybody. So in 2016 I had a pension and I blew it or half of it in a few weeks on betfair. This was when I joined up here and posted a few thoughts. I had my own systems and was convinced they would work, I just needed discipline and patients, but I don’t have those qualities in life so they could never have worked. I went away and tried and tried and tried some more, using my skills in sports betting . I went on good runs but always ended the same way. Everytime I would lose I convinced myself that a little tweak here or there would solve my problem and that I can make it pay long term. This has worn me right down. I live at home with my wife and daughter but I have ruined those relationships because of my insistence of gambling. See it’s been 14 yrs now on and off. I have vowed to stop. I closed my betfair account a year ago and showed my daughter the grand gesture, she didn’t buy it. She simply told her mam that I would find another place to bet eventually. She was right of course. To cut a very long and boring story short I now have convinced myself that I really just cannot make it pay. This is the first time in my gambling life that I can honestly say that I believe it 100%. Other times there has always been that lurking feeling that if I do this or that differently that i can make it work. Now I finally realise I am COMPULSIVE. It has taken lots of money time and pain to finally know this, yes I just KNOW this now. I KNOW I CANNOT WIN. I KNOW IT. Today feb 3rd 2019 is my last ever day of betting. I will not do it again .


    Checking to see how you’re doing?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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