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    Hi there, I possibly rely too heavily on this site but without it I would be completely lost. So firstly, thank you for that. I understand that the site can’t be manned all the time but I think it would be good to have more unmoderated chat sessions during the weekend. I know the forums are 24/7 but they can often be very ‘slow’. So can I suggest extending the opportunities to chat on a Saturday and Sunday ?


    The reason we’ve cut down on the amount of groups we run is because we found people didn’t know when anyone else would be present and they kept “missing “each other. Even when we added the “meeting place” forum we found people didn’t really use it to arrange a time to chat with others so the problem persisted.
    We felt that if we reduced the groups to cover a shorter time people would know when to log in and would be more likely to catch people they know.
    We’re open to new ideas so if you think you may have a solution which will allow us to provider longer…but still effective coverage at weekends, please let us know 🙂



    I think the biggest issue with the open chat not being used is because on the “old” site you could look at the forum and “see” when someone was in the chat. When I go there now I am blind and get bored waiting for someone to show up.
    A second issue it that it is almost impossible to even find the chat. If I were brand new I would never find it.


    Bettie. Would u believe I was on this site years and did not know how to get in to chat. I didn’t understand that Anyone could use it ! I thought it was invite only!
    I think the new site could probably have included a ‘light ‘ like on face book to tell u who is online!
    Yes the meeting place is little help because u mite as well go On to chat to see who is about as on to the meeting place!

    I suppose what would be really good would be if the site had a mobile app but i understand that that would cost a lot. Maybe a student at some university would undertake to create one as their thesis/ project!

    I think if weekend chats opened on the hour for fifteen mins it would be easier as u know u wud not have to wait long to find someone and then lock out after fifteen like some of the groups!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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