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      Hi Forum, Well today has arrived, I don’t count days in my recovery but I do know the date of the first Day of my new life, and that Day was the 4th Of July 2006. Yep today is Harry being in a solid state of recovery for 6 years.
      Prior to July 4th 2006 my life was full of lies, deceit, distortion, manipulation, rationalisation, Cheating, Hurt, Theft, running away from Life, a total destruction of not only me but 100’s of people around me…. Mainly the people who loved me, I knew they loved me in my heart but I couldn’t allow me to accept this or id have to face up to a life without gambling and the reality of life and that scared me.
      6 years ago today I was a wreck of a human being, Id decided to go to Gordon House, I asked my family to help me with train fare, but they wouldn’t trust me with a penny, so my Mum (yes I was 37) gave me a lift all the way. I remember sitting in the car at Oxford Service station when she went for a coffee, and all my brain was saying is Harry get out of the car, run away life isn’t too bad……. How distorted is that
      Anyway I arrived at Gordon House at 13:30, I couldn’t look up, I couldn’t talk, I wanted to end this life way one or another, be it on this planet or 6ft Under I don’t think I cared.
      I was met by various people Ruth, Arthur et al, and above all Tracey the woman who never gave up on me, gave me the strength to fight, and helped me believe in me…Tracey was my support worker, I do believe that my recovery was due to the love and support from all of those around me, And for that I can never repay what I feel, so I live my days as a testament to Gordon Moody, but also every support worker and my family who were involved in my recovery, I personally don’t like the word recovery, it implies that a CG can recover, I don’t believe I will ever become an Ex Gambler, I will always be a gambler, like an alcoholic will always be an Alcoholic, But I choose to live my life in the real world not in a fictitious dream of insanity, But as an honest, decent Human Being, Thanks Colin for the quote….
      Im going to finish, but if anyone who reads this has a doubt about suppressing this addiction, don’t think too hard, Life without gambling has its turbulent times, but the turbulence is now bearable, and I welcome turbulence, it allows me to gauge just how far I’ve come…
      Thank you Gordon House or Gordon Moody as its now become for Giving Me the Tools to Move On, and make a life that I want, I deserve and I enjoy….
      Allot of people say a Leopard cant change his spots, I agree…. But It was my perception that I was a leopard, but in reality I was always a pussy cat with a mask on…!
      Thanks to Anyone I’ve missed out, I’m sorry but there really are just too many
      Take Care All
      This bit is to my My Pop, On the 29th July 2006, i received this saying whilst in rehab, its a saying that took me time to really understand…. "Forgivness doesnt change the past, But it does enlarge the future", I read this saying and took time to realise what it meant, in my eyes its saying "Harry beat yourself up if you wish, but dont…. forgive yourself and the future is in your hands", Mum & Pop I love you loads xWatch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

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      Another year has passed H,
      I know you don’t ***** the days, Independence day however is one that sticks in my mind.  Congratulations on your 7 year anniversary, you have helped so many, this is your moment, just for you.
      Love K ***
       To live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan

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      Congratulations Harry that is amazing.. 7 years what an awesome achievement. You are lviing the gamble free life and helping so many along the way. Our chats are always so valuable to me thank you so much
      Congrats, yipppeeee, i would insert smiley right here….. if i knew how so for now this is it.. 🙂

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      AWESOME… 7 years gamble free way to go!!!  It is always good to read about the success of others as it shows us it can be done.   Thanks for being there for me Harry, YOU ROCK!!!One day at a time my sweet lord…

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      Originally posted by paul315

      Originally posted by harry
      … I was met by various people …
      Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.  
      Good morning Harry,
      Well done!
      It is a good feeling to start my day on this Independence Day holiday in the States reading your post. Good to see this encouraging and challenging message from you on your 6th Anniversary of your independence from the control of this addiction, and share in a reminder and the significance of finding freedom. 
      Thanks to you and other"various people" – but you above all, are a pronounced source of strength; many here are first met by you, and thanks to the love and support that you put forth we can now look forward to the anniversaries that lay before us as well. 
      Your constant message to us is a reminder that it takes not only the support of others, but it requires our taking action, us being determined and diligent, and not relenting and running away whenever our distorted thinking tells us that an addictive life isn’t too bad.  It takes work, not just a promise or a resolution; "If a resolution to stop gambling worked we would all have stopped before coming to this forum. Make a Resolution to take ACTION to help you stop." ~  colin In Brum  (another quote from Colin).
      Again, Well done.
      God’s speed. Stay strong.  Keep on working on your recovery, e.g. n. 1. "the process of recovering"; 2. "the return to a normal condition"; it is more than just an instant or a final act that stands on its on.

      Well done Harry on reaching the Seven Year mark. Above is a copy of my post to you last year, it still holds true.
       LarryThanks to my Higher Power, My 3G's – God, GA, and GT,  "Day Two Is Another Day Behind" and with the help from all I hope to continue to remain gambling free.

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      Hi Harry
      Without hope, Friends and Family feel powerless.  Thank you Harry for giving the Friends and Family forum the knowledge that with serenity, courage and wisdom we can ‘all’ have hope.

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      Dear (((Harry)))! Congratulations on 6 years of being gamble free. You are a testament that people can lives life without compulsive gambling as a crutch! It starts out as a crutch but soon turns into a noose around our necks. You say that life can be turbulent without gambling. Turbulence hits every person that’s alive at *****, but in recovery we’re better able to manage this turbulence, as we are present emotionally and healthier. Thank you for your support to me in the past 2.5 years. You have saved me from myself on more than one occasion. Respectfully yours, Carole

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