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      This is a small community, I believe.  I see the same people here posting that I see in chat in various sites.  Just kinda wish they had a bit more manners there.  They don’t always. There are a few that I would love to meet in person.  See,  I am a bit tired of acting one way in a post and then being something in real life.  I am ok with my page being shut down if needed.  they do that here, for a million reasons.   jesus, so many rules…. who in the world can follow.  I figure at this point, shut my page down.   But for my one moment in time, I will speak my mind.  I think this whole thing is unfair to those are doing their own program, staying clean by the skin of their own teeth.  believe it or not, people can do this on their own.  this is kind of a jorunal to me.  allow us that don’t need the traditional methods be apart of your community.  or don’t…. we will still do it.   my recovery is only mine, not yours and you hating me doesn’t change my last day. i promised those in my life that i wouldn’t do these sites anymore.  they just make me feel bad.    they aren’t kind to someone like me…. so there was my thoughts and i am not sure i will ever be back.  he just might be right.

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