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      2015 – Hopes and Dreams

      Everybody needs hope and we should all be able to dream. 

      However, living with the addiction to gamble is a nightmares.

      If you are living with someone with the addiction to gamble it is possible to learn how to cope and in doing so, hopefully, get well-deserved peace and the ability to dream.

      If you are looking at this site for the first time and you have someone in your life who is struggling with the addiction to gamble please start a thread.  It is easy and once you have started it becomes easier – all members receive genuine care that comes from understanding. 

      Scroll to the bottom of the Friends and Family forum page, click on ‘New Topic’; give your thread a ‘subject’ title.  Write something about you and or what is worrying you in the box, scroll down and click ‘save’.  You can write as much or as little as you wish.  The first post is the hardest but it was the same for all of us.  Having put your concerns down, maybe for the first time, you can begin to start ‘your’ recovery.

      It would be great to get updates from any members who have not posted recently.  I know that many members no longer post because they no longer have the need for support and that is as it should be – but if you are popping in please leave your footprint so that we can know you have been. 

      The group on Tuesday evenings 20.00 – 2100 hours UK time is for the Friends and Family of those who own the addiction to gamble.  The group is accessed by clicking on ‘Support Groups’ at the top of this page, holding your mouse over ‘Friends and Family’ and then clicking ‘join’ when the group is open.   I will be there to welcome you.

      The forum has been quiet recently, the numbers of members who are currently seeking help often goes up and down but sadly the addiction doesn’t go away.

      If you are reading this and the addiction to gamble is hurting you, please post – don’t put it off – it doesn’t get better on its own. 

      If you are reading this then you have come to this forum for a reaon – please share your hopes and dreams for 2015


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      I have shared some of my hopes and dreams for 2015 on my thread. I wanted to thank you for your encouraging words. They meant a lot to me. Especially, since I have been struggling this holiday season. I really appreciate it. Wishing you and the rest of the family and friends posting here a Very Happy New Year!

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