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      Hello, Cant believe I’m posting here on the "other side" and I dont know how this post will be received but I am really concerned about one of my friends’ gambling. I read this forum quite a lot and it does help me with my own recovery, and I hope I can benefit from some of the non judgemental wisdom and support which is given out in abundance over here.
      I have thought about coming into your group in recent weeks but then changed my mind incase I was judged as having some sort of ulteria motive or warped motivation.
      I am a life long compulsive gambler and have really struggled at times with my recovery but I honestly feel as if I have turned a huge corner. However I live in a shared house, one of my housemates has been gambling a lot recently and has confided in me about this on more than one occasion. He also is an ex GH resident and was one of the strongest on the programme when I was there. In the past six months I am ashamed to say I have actually gambled with him, I dont blame him for my gambling–he didn’t make me do it, although at times I think we have encouraged each others addiction, rather than supported each others recovery. I know that the best solution is to alienate myself from him, even though he is one of my closest friends, but I dont want or need friends that gamble I know that. I will hopefully be moving into my own place before christmas but cant go flat hunting at present because I have a lot of college work to do. My course work has to be my priority, I should be doing it now. But the burden of knowing my friend is out there gambling right at this very minute is niggling away at me. It’s destracting to say the least. I know there is very little I can do for him, he too knows what he should be doing, but wont, he says he "needs to gamble." I’m fustrarted by the whole thing. How can I live under the same roof and tolorate this? I know lots of the partners on here have had to live with much more painful and fustrating dilemas, but you do live with it the best that you can, and hats off for doing so. This predicament I’m in may appear insignificant to some of you, and I suppose as a compulsive gambler myself, some of you wont want to offer any advice. The consequences of my friends gambling on me are minisqual compared to the consequences you have all suffered I do appreciate that, but could somebody please advise me as to what sort of action I should take, and how I’m going to survive the next few weeks, please. This is my last resort. I have openned up about this to some of my own support network and I have received sympathetic ears but not much more.
      Geordie.If I can change anybody can change.

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