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                                    I was asked how I was feeling today
    And I answered them by saying ‘I’m o.k.’
    But what does ‘I’m ok" really mean to me?
    I feel that it’s an answer that’s meant to be.
    I’ve tried to think about ‘I’m ok’ – in my head
    What it actually means when it has been said?
    I use it because it is difficult to say how I feel
    It helps for me – as my feelings I can conceal.
    ‘I’m o.k.’ means different things for me
    Here are some examples that I can see
    It may mean I’m happy or feeling sad
    It might mean I’m feeling good or really bad.
    But mostly I use the words because they seem o.k.
    They express things that I don’t want to say
    Finding other words to say would cause me inner fight
    When ‘I’m o.k.’ is sufficient and right.

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