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      hi there.i am a member of a family that was affected by a CG.the family have been struggling with this addiction for the last 20 years(different stages ).lately the CG had "hit rock bottom",after loosing everything including wife ,son, estates ,and bringing parents to drown with him.when he woke up and looked around ,he decided to start from scratch to build himself(that what he says).but my concern ,evey time he used to say that and the case turned out much worse.till when should we believe him and should we always give a chance to start?how can i trust him and say he will change.he saw death in front of him and lived under threats for him and lives around him….and much ,much worse.till when?can he answer me ?and should i believe him?
      i need advice as well as help myself can we all start ?and what happens next ?should we hope or expect the same outcome again?

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