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    female g

    You met the person you were meant to meet in the Chat, FG
    Brilliant reflection on your thread.
    Making gambling IMPOSSIBLE is the only sure way a CG will succeed in staying G free.


    It was very harmful


    Hi Shohelsarker and welcome.

    I’ve noticed a few one line posts from you around the various forums. Maybe tell us a little about yourself? If it is yourself who gambles then I’d recommend starting a thread in the My Journal Forum, if you are affected by someone elses gambling then take a look at the Friends and Family Forum. Just scroll down to the bottom of the forum, click on New topic and say as little or as much about what has brought you here. I look forward to hearling a little bit more about your situation.


    It’s is my won cometment and my options that, I am ifully inspiring in the gambling to my self. I want to recovery my account, it’s fully my sagest. Please kindly give me strong fideback, My self-exclude account in your Responsible Gambling Controls section of Members. Its located under the Services menu when logged in to my account, then Members, My Account, select Responsible Gambling Controls and i choose Self-Exclusion and recovery my account.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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