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      This is not my first post it is my second to be exact. The first one was about  2 yrs ago. that was when i thought i had a prolem but now i know ihave one.
      I started playing blackjack about 11 years ago when i was taught the game by a person i knew. It was fun and i won on occasions.
      On the 23rd december 2000 i had a great win and i used the money to by a house. I thought this is easy. for the next 4to 5 yrs things went okay never loosing my pants. Then i was introduced to on line gambling and that is when all my trouble began. Since then i have gambled away a fortune. it has got so bad now that i have even gambled away a lone i had taken to pay debts. In the last month i have blowen a fortune.
      The situation is so bad now that i dont know which way to turn. My wife doesnt know that i have spent all this money and i am living in hell at this very moment. I dont think she would ever be able to forgive me as she has lived with this problem for a long time.With me always saying i have changed and things are different now.
      My whole life is at the brink of collapsing and the possibility of loosing all is very real. My mind is tormented and i have even thought of ending it to take away all my pain and shame.
      I need advice. (Help)

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