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    It is easier to imagine not gambling once you get past the $2000 mark in losses, in your gambling ‘career’ when you realize you “bought a jackpot”. Even if you “win”…

    How many of us set out to “buy” a jackpot when we enter a casino, or withdraw money from our bank then go spend it in a casino or at a VLT or on lottery or scratch tickets? 

    It only takes $5 a day …20 times, to have bought a ‘big win’. If you do that amount…only ten times…you have bought a very, very big JACKPOT.

    Even if you spent that on shopping items…you would at least have nice stuff all through your place. Me, I can find a roadworthy car for that kind of money.

    I am a slow learner in the math side of my brain…this was very disappointing to realize that I was keeping myself company with bad math.

    Please let this help.


    This is an interesting view, and I too have kept myself company with bad math. And, all the while we aren’t even guaranteed to get what we paid for! It would be like buying that car, and then the very next minute deciding to give tickets away on it, only keeping one ticket for ourselves, to see if we could win it back. Duh! Nothing about gambling makes sense…..not our actions, not the math. As a gambling addict our minds are really ******-up! Gambling over and over after, even after I knew I didn’t have control is the definition of insanity. I am going to reclaim my sanity – I have abstained from gambling for 15 days and looking forward to many more. Gambling has keep me down long enough – time to fight the good fight.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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