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    I followed Mermaid’s link . I was fascinated to read that the success rate of AA is somewhere between 2 and 10%. I know that within this success rate there will be some who lapse years after the study is concluded.

    I have always been resistant to going to GA. I can imagine nothing I would hate more than “opening up” in front of a room full of strangers, worrying for ever more that one of them might decide to ignore the rules and blab my business everywhere.

    Why? I simply have too much to lose. I would prefer to put my whole pay-check into a slot machine than reveal my inner self to people I don’t know.
    I am no longer going to feel like a failure because I don’t want to go to GA!

    So I have searched and researched for five years . I have went through trials and errors and I think I have stumbled upon something which is working for me (for now at least.)

    I am diligently taking a supplement called NAC, which I came across in some research carried out by Minnesota university. Please google.
    I am not resisting urges…my brain feels like a non addicted brain. Gambling isn’t an issue .

    This supplement has been remarkable for me. It is best taken on an empty stomach but it made me nauseous so I take it after food.

    It doesn’t work for everyone, But for £20 and a trip to your local health food shop it’s worth a try.. That is for three months supply. It does react with some other medications ( I am not on anything else) so it’s always wise to check with your doc before taking any supplement .

    NAC is also reported to help with anxiety and a host of other things. I don’t know if I can say this as most of my anxiety was caused by gambling.

    I have been on it two months and if I miss a day or two I have a strong desire to gamble…so diligence in taking is important.

    Hope this helps some of you.

    I am able to manage my own money although I have still have online barriers set as high as possible. I have lost the desire for bingo, scratch cards and my mind is not consumed by gambling. I have developed a slight obsession about saving but may this is normal for someone my age who has nothing to fall back on. I see this as a positive thing.

    I hope this helps some of you. Just remember to get medical advice before taking.


    Hi Fear,

    The heading of this thread gives a good point for discussion.

    Speaking for myself I will always consider myself a compulsive gambler. I will never be an ex CG but I can be one who chooses not to gamble.

    Will I ever consider myself cured? I hope not. After all if I thought I was cured I would no longer consider myself a CG. I would no longer think I needed support or barriers. Most importantly of course, if I was cured then there would be no reason for me not to go and have a bet.

    I’m glad you have found something that is helping you fear, keep doing it, keep using support.

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