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      I’ve noticed a few people post that gambling isn’t an option. I don’t really agree; our trouble is that gambling is always an option. In recovery we find out the right ways to consistantly choose the right option. For many of us when we first come here gambling is nearly always our first option when dealing with anything. It has become our default setting; gambling the answer to everything. No more obvious than gambling still being an option is when people struggle with urges, the options/choices are in your face; gamble or not. Sadly not all of us make the right choice, or choose the right option, all of the time.
      I have found as I go along that chosing not to gamble, is becoming more natural. It was quite evident to me on my trip home that gambling was an option. I had funds, I could have made time, I was very very stressed. I chose the right option and didn’t gamble.
      For me to go and gamble now, I would have to make a choice it wouldn’t be a blind decision. I dont get extreme urges to gamble and I attribute this to having a great group of people that I can talk to. I discuss everything good and bad and this helps me to go to bed with a clear head.
      I made the first payment on my DMP last night, £318 off £18000. A long way to go but one day at a time I’ll eventually get there.
      I choose to pay my rent, council tax, debts and bills and I can still live quite well. I could choose to gamble but I dont, its a nice feeling to be an honest bloke. I used to be such a scally.
      Gambling will always be an option to us all, thats why support must be ongoing. I think its too easy to underestimate the power of gambling once it gets us in its grips. For whatever reason any of us come to this site, it must have been pretty bad..thats where gambling always, always ends up taking us. When any of us gamble we have picked the wrong option. We should remind ourselves of what position we were in when we first sought help and know that be chosing the option to gamble we are going to end back there again, or worse. None of us are different in that respect.
      Gambling is an option, but it should never be chosen by a CG……..Its good to talk!
      I did gamble. But I didnt yesterday and I wont today. Because recovery IS priceless!!– 06/12/2011 07:02:20: post edited by geordie18.

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      Sayin No is an option.
      Choosing a life without gambling is an option.
      Being a healthier person is an option.
      And being honest with yourself is an option.
      What i see you are saying gordie is that you cannot deceive yourself and say gambling is not a choice you can make- and by accepting that you are choosing not to gamble you feel empowered about that choice- and your resolve is strengthened.
      I can see what bettie says too- there is no way gambling is an option anymore- and that strengthens her resolve also. It’s a mental barrier- and works well for her.
      You two seem like you are doing excellently in staying gamble free- so u must be doing the right thing for yourselves- you are both very inspiring and i enjoy reading your posts.

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      I agree with Gordie gambling is an option and as long as it exist it will be.
      It is our decision not to gamble.

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      I agree with Gordie gambling is an option and as long as it exist it will be.
      It is our decision not to gamble.

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      Originally posted by geordie18
      …  gambling is always an option …

      An option can be something that is available to us, or even something that is denied us; something denied, such as any leniency or lessor acceptance of a total debt being paid — the option is there, but it is not ours to choose. Gambling, although all around us, and has been existing since the beginning of of time, is in this category of one that is denied to us, denied to anyone crossing over the line and accepting that gambling for them is a problem. And if we chose to keep gambling on the table as an option, I think that it will not only be an option, but we will instead more likely allow it to soon be our singular preference.
      On the other hand, not having gambling as an option does not guarantee us that all will stay gambling free (this being evident in recent post, and is the reason that I am replying to you now – to stress that "We need to develop the mindframe that gambling really is something we need to permanently eliminate from our lives – it cannot be an option for us"). To stay gambling free even without gambling being an option, it being only a ever present part of society, we do have to choose between the other options that still lay before us. As Amy posted: "Saying No is an option. Choosing a life without gambling is an option. Being a healthier person is an option. And being honest with yourself is an option.", but in my view, gambling is not an option for a CG desiring to stop, just as merely existing or enduring without intervention is not an option for any other form of a happy fulfilling and healthy life — these lessor things may "literally" be an option in the strictest sense, but in reality they only exist because of our refusing to chose from the real options. And for a CG the "figuratively" speaking term, "gambling is not an option" is in the strictest sense the only way for me to view it.
      Another member has posted thoughts on options, ones that I find to be more accurate for my recovery stated, "For me, gambling is not an option, recovery is my only option" – stephen ; he also made the quote above and has a lot more of such good insights and advice in his past topics in this forum.

      In closing I will quote you with words that I also share in, "Its a good point of discussion, and whatever any of us believes to get us through life is not necassarily going to be accepted by all of us", and the discussions and us opening our minds to other views keep us aware of the pitfalls we all face; as repeated in GA, take what you need and leave the rest".
      Recovery is priceless because there is nothing related to the world of gambling that can compare to its benefits, no option exist that can take from or compete with its value.
       LarryThanks to my Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT,  "Day Two Is Another Day Behind" and with the help from all , I will continue to remain gambling free.

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