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    Hi, I’m a gambler as you can probably tell with me being on this website. I gamble for fun, as well as the high and I often us roulette machines to help pay for the bets I’ve put on so it’s quite efficient. I’m only 18. I had £40 that I was planning on spending with my friends this weekend. I know that’s nothing, people have lost thousands on here, but it’s all the money I have whilst looking for a job and its the mindset that is the problem. Earlier today I whacked £20 in a machine for the fun of it. 10-15 minutes later I was on £70 and thought I was untouchable. I slightly considered withdrawing money at that point but I thought ”lets make it up to £100.” It went wrong from this point onwards. I played on the one where you predicted the colour of the ball and the ball I selected didn’t show up for 10 whilst I kept repeating the bet. I dropped under the money I put on soon enough and I thought I’ll make my money back so I whacked my other £20 in. This lasted 5 mins and now I am skint and have to keep it to myself that I blowed the money. I enjoy gambling, but I need some tips. What is the best way to gamble, and how can we force ourselves not to chase, and to quit whilst were ahead. Any help will do!


    Hi cfcsonster. You won’t get that help here I am afraid, this site is here to help people address their gambling problems. I would suggest that you look at the 20 questions on this link It sounds like you may have a problem with your gamblign, if you agree then I should warn you that it is a progressive problem so the sooner you act the better. People can help you stop gambling here – if they were able to tell you how to “quit while you are ahead” etc then I doubt they would have come to a site like this in the first place. I hope those 20 questions open your eyes to the problem. If so then check out the other stories in the My Journal Forum, you will see the sort of things that will help you. If you start your own thread in that forum then you will also get a lot of feedback and support

    I am going to lock this thread now – if you currently don’t want to address your gambling then this site can’t help you and it would be unhelpful for other members to continue this discussion.  If you do decide to stop gambling then of course you will have that new thread in the My Journjal forum anyway

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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