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    Without gambling I thought my life would be ok

    so I tried to give it up by taking it day by day

    and giving up gambling I did manage to succeed

    And I thought without gambling I would be freed

    Freed from all my problems and life’s ****

    But for me that hasn’t happened one little bit

    Instead my problems are still within my stupid head

    sometimes thoughts and feelings that I really dread

    Without gambling I feel life’s problems I can’t face

    I am now craving to go back into the gambling place

    My gamble free time I feel I don’t want to save

    Gambling is something I need and I now do crave
    But I know that this is a really a split second thought
    and if I can handle the cravings I will not be caught
    Deep down I know I don’t again want to re-gamble
    My problems instead I just need to learn to handle 
    But handling them is something that I truly fear
    If they could go away I would outwardly cheer
    I hope that I have the strength to stay gamble free
    Cos i know that deep down it is really meant to be– 14/07/2011 15:36:06: post edited by harry.

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