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      I just came across this . I found it really good because when I think about gambling it is always about me – me in the centre of the little microcosm where I am the central character and everything is from my point of view – my pain, my anguish, my mental struggles, my money worries , my sacrifices,- it’s me me me ! This article really made me think of how my gambling has hugely impacted the lives of others. I recognised the people in my life in the quotes – they could have come straight from my child , husband, friend… I feel most uncomfortable right now- I feel very uncomfortable as I recognise the completely selfish, self-centred ***** I that have been – no that I am.. Here’s the article:

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      Hi IDI, The link works for me. I recognise that discomfort. I felt it when I read through some of the stuff in the GA literature. Mainly the “Daily Moral Inventory “- when all my high scores were on the wrong side of the page. Then also the “Definition of a Mature person” – where I was the opposite of pretty much everything listed. That was when I realised that gambling caused far more than just monetary problems.

      It is good though; it isn’t until we recognise and acknowledge our faults that we can be in a position to address them.

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