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      yeah -went gamblers anonymous last nite–i really a hands on person–therapy on line probably not my scene–as i am a travelling salesman–with a million jokes–but probably the biggest joke is we gamblers–with casino owners and government revenue raisers laughing hysterically all the way to the bank..i can laugh at adversity i create for myself as a gambler–that my positive character–but the battle continues and i am winning-with gambling binges becoming less–and light on china horizon always there with no poker machines and macau casinos is another country as is hong kong-that aint china beijing with my china doll–so i read 120 pages many males here crying into beer after losing girl  their wages their sanity or thinking about their life lost half my age.well casinos and government revenue dont want to lose we suckers lives-so they put out hypocrital adverts to problem gamblers as dracula would to boost the blood bank. their is a better life-a better country -and romance for all losers-it aint my australia -usa -or u.k.
      i dont gamble when out of my country australia–it gives me the buffer of a month–when i struggle for one day at a time here.
      so if you lonely miserable and broke-cant afford a dog a cat or bird of the feathered variety-get a nice rock-put it in cage-they have all different personalities and come in all shapes and sizes–and require no maintenance-unlike the non feathered variety-i found the rock therapy every morning talking to it-i got the courage to talk to china dolls–i still got my rock and its cage–i a salesman–big money in selling rocks to depressed-it better than all anti depressants of the zooloft  variety -with have the side effect of zooloft nick name -so soft-and that will kill any romance-so get a rock-but when you eventually get married again-you will have the money to buy a real rock on her finger as i have for my china doll–but my pet rock is not for sale–it my sanity- it always listens to me-never argues–after all you writers of 129 pages-is that not your real cry for help-but only my rock will listen-every day-one day at a time-with charlie pride singing my favourite weastern song.try it buy a rock a day every day you not gamble-soon you have enough rocks to build another house to replace the home you lost gambling.i gone 4 days -on track again-gamblers anonymous thursday-but i leave my rock home swinging in its cage-silent -as are my four walls i look at alone until may 24th–and i out of here-to light on the horizon-china-guarantee i not gamble there
       get a life-or get stuffed well and truly by a poker machine

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