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    Don’t let your binge let you down because it will make you stronger. Since my last binge I never gambled , I am getting therapy at the moment hence why I don’t write much . Get rid off anything that will allow you to gamble so you can concentrate on your mind xx

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    I closed every avenue that can lead me to debt or gambling this is the only way to control this nasty habbit .
    There is no other way . Maybe one day I will have the courage to go to a ga meeting .


    Great that you are trying again and yes one day we will beat this horrible habbit . I had a recent relapse but I haven’t given up on given up so game on . Let’s play this game

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    Yes he does know but he also knows it’s for the best for all of us . It was a tough decision to make but I had to and this should teach me a good lesson in life I spose .
    I hate credit card companies with vengeance

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    I been very busy lately managed to sell my land and paid half off my debts off and made sure all the cards where closed for good.
    I feel a bit upset because this land was given to me by my parents and I had to sell it because of my gambling debts but I bealive this is my way out of this mess in order to have a clean slate and move on.
    I didn’t tell my other half with my last relaps as he will be very upset so going to keep this one as a secret . I hate secrets but it needs to be this way for now.
    I big burden lifted off my shoulders for the past few days . But I am scared I am scared that I will go back to gambling again and accumulate more debts but that’s just a worry in my head . I need to stop worrying about things to be honest and this is hard.
    I am going to take one day at a time from now on . I still feel guilty of what I have done and it’s hard to forgive my self.

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    It’s a shame I can’t reply to these posts on my phone , admin should look in to this 🙂 .
    Great to see you are on the road to recovery maverick , I can see lots of positive energy flowing all over you please keep this up . Gambling is a nasty addiction and it is certainly very very hard to kick as you know I relapsed very recently .
    But life goes on and we all have so much to look forward to.
    Living with the parents is not that bad at least they are kind enough to open their doors for us , I had to move in with my parents few times it’s not great but nice to have the support right next to you should you need it .
    Hope you have great trip with val on Saturday spending more time with your son will give you lots of positive energy I love my son to bits and he is really my inspration to carry on .
    Keep it up you are doing fantastic x

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    Yes that was the last barrier and now it’s gone .
    I am still in the shock , I am not going to forgive my self for feeding this horrible addiction .
    My money troubles are coming to end and I am hoping to open a new chapter in my life . I sold my land and fingers crossed I should be getting the money in few days . I will be closing more than half of my debts and have already canceled them all .
    I am not going to have a bank account or any credi cards rest of my life.
    I got a cash card Account to which I set up direct debits and got my wages paid in to it . Simple as that . I warned all the credit card companies not to send me any offers what so ever.
    My opinion is that credit card or any Visa card companies should not allow us to gamble by doing this they are in my eyes working with these nasty gambling corporations .
    For many years credit cRd companies and banks have lured in working class people in to debt by offering money and making us pay 30 times more this is a modern slavery method they used this method for a while it’s time for us to all wake up to reality.
    Now they are using our own minds to get us in to gambling habbit so that they can take more money from us .
    All these corporations work together and their aim is to control us in every way .
    I have woken up to this late but I assure you my child would not go throwing what I been through .


    Hi Micky good luck on your giving up
    This journey is one of a kind

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    Well good thing came out of last night was that I called Barclay card and was very firm with them and told them to close the account with immidiate effect , had to argu with the operator and he finally closed the bloody card so I can pay off and won’t be able to use the card what so ever.
    I really felt good for doing this now I closed all my cards and just concentrating on paying them off .
    No card no gamble

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    I am in uk , I am currently disabled as I cannot do much in pain all the time but cannot claim disability apparently cus I can walk over 200 meter which is sick . I worked all my life soon as I got injured I been left all on my own . I am signed off got an amazing gp who supports me allot as he knows what I am going through at an age of 35 .
    I am hoping work will retire me but it’s all stressful process got few insurance may cover me another few months once my pay stops but it’s just adds on to my worries .
    My partner has all my. Finances except for this credit card to which I tried to cancel so many times but they won’t do it .
    I closed all other cards so they are not usable but barclaycard is so annoying and would not doit .
    It’s just horrible to know loads of debt is hanging over me I just hate the burden .
    I feel like I am in a never ending cycle all I am doing is paying off credit card bills it’s like they are eating me alive .
    I hate plastics I never ever want to have a credit card ever

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    Yes due to stretching my self out paying high amounts to my credit card got me to this state I think I need to reduce the amount and enjoy my self a little .
    It just annoying it’s been good 3 months since I been gamble free , I need to take one day at a time .
    Today I will be gamble free . That’s what I need to say to my self every day.
    I can’t do debt management plan as I got properties to which I rely on the rent if I do that the banks will take ccj against me to force me to sell my flat to which I need to pay off bils as due to my health condition I am off sick and in two month I will get no pay at all and I cannot claim anything off the government with regards to benefits so it is scary times for me and I need to reduce this debt so that I don’t struggle when no pay happens .
    I been booked in for my first surgery so very anxious and scared on top of it all I got court case running and could possibly loose my job so it’s all going crazy .
    I just feel I want to curl up in a corner and just cry sometimes , I need that light and last night that light has gone

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    Thank you for your lovely post .
    I really don’t know what happened and what I was thinking but devil took over me , I just don’t know how to stop , I can’t be trusted with any cards what’s so ever I know this now . Yesterday taught me that I will never beat this addiction I just have to eliminate everything in my life to stop me gambling .
    This was the last card I had and recently paid a £1000 and no matter how much I told them to block the card cancel the card they didn’t so I am planning to call and tell them to block it firmly or change the card number as I know all the detail by memory .
    I will need to make up that £400 in some way this is a horrible feeling .
    I was doing so well I was very confident that I will not gamble maybe I was being big headed , I am a big headed idiot .

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    I gambled tonight and lost £400 to which I could of used for a better reason. I feel absolutely dreadful.
    I blame my credit card provider as I tried to block this card so many times and they denied it so many times I just hate this feeling

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    Thank you for your comment , for some reason I cannot get any loan or credit what so ever . I never missed anything in my life always paid everything on time but for some reason I can blocked form getting anything right now.

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    I been going over my finances and realised that I need to tighten my belt even more till October to pay of a credit card asap . I am paying around £1000 a month to this card . It really hurts me I could of done so much with that money but I need to pay of these gambling debts I have accumulated for the last year and when I look back I could of avoided these so easily had I given my finances to my other half to control .

    After October I will than have to tackle another card and than another and another it’s like never ending cycle
    I got 3 cards to pay in total and it is taking ages .

    I cut down all my outgoings right down in order to pay of these nasty debts .

    Everytime I make payment I been reducing my credit limit but these silly cards make it so hard in order to reduce it .

    Am I ever going to be debt free I say to my self , am I ever going to enjoy my earnings without having to hand it over to a creditcard company I say to my self . I can’t see the light end of this tunnel .

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