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Hi again Don, I am a fellow canadian and you can definitely get gamban on your devices here. The best move I made was installing them on all devices because the insidious nature of this disease will drive you from one device to another as it drives you from one store to another with your lotteries. The best suggestion that I can give is to a) avoid going to the corner store if that is an issue. It’s not a big thing for most but it is for you so avoidance is the key until you have better control of the demon that is pushing through. Or b) carry little or no money if you are going to be near one so that the access is limited. I have a few other shopping vices and have learned that if i dont have money with me I cant overspend. I bring what I need and get only what I came for. You have to make a real, solid plan to get yourself in a safe zone. The most important thing in the first few weeks is to block your access so that your mind has a chance to rewire the patterns set forth by gambling. It works. Really. I go days without even thinking about it and when I do it is with disdain because of all of the hardship it is causing me right now. Make a plan. Write down your issues and then make a plan to combat access. It will be what makes or breaks your recovery because, at this point, anything else short of being locked in a room will not be enough. Stay strong.