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I managed to make it through yesterday without smashing anything to bits. Coors came at half 11 and everything was semi fine with the world. Still feel a bit funny, but that might be coz I’m put off by food at the moment.
I hit a small bump in my savings road today. I’d just moved over £200 of my wages into my savings when an offer impossible to turn down (to someone like me) presented itself. I’m a football fan. I’m a Liverpool fan. Anyone in my lifetime will tell you that the 25th of May 2005 was the highlight of their supporting life. When Liverpool lifted the European cup for a fifth time. Now, to anyone like me, who has an interest in signed Liverpool memorabilia will tell you… 2005 items signed by the whole squad are like rocking horse shit! In the group I’m part of, out of however many hundreds of us there are, there’s maybe 4 or 5 of us who have items fully signed by the squad. Notice I said US dear reader. Mine is a champions league shirt worn by John Arne Riise in the semi against Chelsea. It’s something I’m desperate never to have to sell. Anyway, to mark the 10 year anniversary next month 5times and Jamie Carragher’s charity are doing a run of 500 prints signed by the whole squad who will be over for the anniversary celebration night. For the princely sum of £295 I could own one of these prints…
and I will!