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Hi, Velvet. I am sorry ablut the long time to reply, I have been having some personal problems.

Last time my fiancé gambled was about 1 month and it took his entire salary.

I said I would break up and now he says he stopped for good. He calls himself an ex gambler.

He won’t go for treatment because he said he is cured.

I am suffering because I love him but my father gave me an ultimatum that I have to choose between him and the family.

My family doesn’t accept him, specially because of the gambling addiction.

This situation makes me so mentally unstable that I took a full box of tranquilizers; I don’t know if I was trying to suicide or if I just wanted to relax.

I am very vulnerable to stress and the least of it makes me suicidal. I am retired in my country because of a mental disease.

So I really want him, he makes me feel happy, he improves my health but it is very hard to continue with my whole family against.

I think I will have to leave and it is breaking my heart. I don’t even know what to say to break up and he wants to visit me in my country the next months.

We are engaged. I am struggling.