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Hi Logic
Terrific, congratulations, you have earned a gold star and a new life beckons.
You can’t talk to a 6 year old about his father’s addiction but he has a mum that you say sounds great so I am sure she will protect him as he grows older – he cannot be your responsibility however much you feel he should be.
All your previous attempts to tell your CG about your new job have fallen on stony ground – an active CG will only worry about what is happening today and until you make your move for him nothing has or will change.
His gambling is more than part of his costume, sadly for the time being it is who he is and you are right you cannot protect him from himself.
I’m not sure how much he will listen to you now, he doesn’t process thought as you do. You want to make this change because he will not and I don’t see any reason in telling him anything other than the truth. If everybody in the life of a CG gives that person a let out – in other words if you say you are moving for a better job, more money to be near you parents etc., but you don’t tell him the truth, how will he ever learn that his addiction is losing him things that matter. Maybe this shake-up will help your CG make better choices in the future, we can only hope so – but you have made the choice that is right for you and in this forum that is a great outcome.
I hope you really love your new job Logic and it gives you the life you deserve. You have had an experience that can be used in your life for the good – I don’t believe in allowing bad experiences to embitter us or to go on hurting us when we have made the right changes for ourselves.
Wishing all the best