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I appreciate the comments from you guys, prior to this gambling had never been an issue and your right Permalink it got me when I was at my most desperate. I’m on day 7 now and in the past I told myself that I would stop but I didn’t put blocks in place and went a week or so then maxed out my CC again adding up the total of losses.

The toughest part now is not being able to sleep or work at my full potential because I can’t stop thinking about the money I lost. I thought it was bad at 10k but now over 30k it’s worse, I can’t imagine how I would feel if it kept snow balling.

My mother is paying my bills online now (internet, electric, phone) and there isn’t a way for me to gamble and throw more money away. I’m really looking forward to the time I can start to enjoy life again and get back to my old self.

I did enjoy gambling, but not how its made me feel the last couple months since things went out of control.

I’ll keep posting, I appreciate the kind words.