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Thanks for always thinking of me, Cat and bringing my posts to the fore. I am so happy that you made it to your anniversary and I hope you spend all month being good to yourself. That being said, I realize the folly of being too aware of milestones.

On my end, things have been rough. I have had a very difficult emotional event over the past two weeks which has left me shattered. Not a death of a family member, but the death of a relationship with family member whom I held very, very dear. It is painful to even write about it – even obliquely. It’s a long story, but suffice to say that it’s left me drained, teary and weakened.

I’m sure you will not be shocked to hear that I have gambled from time to time. I want to get back on the wagon, but I’m not sure I’m in the correct frame of mind yet. That may not make sense to some, but it makes sense to me at the moment.

On the up side, I’m trying to enrich my life with little improvements. I’m trying new recipes, learning new skills in the « feminine arts » — would you believe DARNING — of all things. I find that I’m quite interested in learning how to fix things. I’ve never been good at sewing, but I’ve been exploring YouTube and finding all kinds of ways to fix articles of clothing.

I’ve always found it very wasteful the way we North Americans throw away clothing that have become a little tight or have little holes in them. In other parts of the world, people still repair things. So I may look into a sewing machine for Xmas to do repairs and alterations that I pay a fortune for now. I’ve already done an invisible mend on my youngest son’s jeans — what a hoot. My husband couldn’t see where I repaired it without his glasses.

Tonight I made a gorgeous, melty, cheesy manicotti. My boys were totally impressed with my skills — even my dog gave me the paws up for it.

It’s time for me to start living and stop dreaming about the better life that I envision for myself. The lack of a job is a sore point, but there are tons of other things that I could do to bolster my soul before I start working again.

OK … enough ranting about myself. I do hope you are well. I haven’t read much, but you don’t seem to be posting to your own thread too often. Let us know how things are going now that you’ve moved to a new level in your recovery.

Love, RG