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Thanks Vera and P, My dog is fine, but our carpets, which we recently had cleaned, are now a mess! Dogs!!!
I haven’t seen my friend or worked since her episode last Monday. Her daughter has not been very good about keeping me posted. I have been struggling this last week. I think it’s because I hate when things are up in the air. Feeling like my life is on hold. Worrying about my friend. Not knowing what to expect when I do see her, and wondering what activities we can do together, now that jazzercise is no longer an option. Yesterday, I got a call from someone from jazzercise wondering where we were, and if we were coming back. It made me realize how much I would miss it and the people I have gotten to know there. I guess I hate when my life changes and I have no control over what is happening. I know this is a trigger for me, as it was in the past with my parents’ illnesses, and the changes it caused to my lifestyle. Also, the anxiety of worrying she might have another episode while I am with her, and also I have been thinking a lot about my mom. Worrying about my friend in general since she is 87 years old, and I have come to love her and care about her very much.
This has helped to get these thoughts down. I have been working on being more open to change, and I know there are things in life that we have no control over…that’s life!..God help me to accept it all!!! Serenity Prayer.
This morning I was on my way to work to visit my friend, when her daughter texted me saying her mother wasn’t up to a visit today. I had planned to take her to a movie.
All dressed and ready to go…where do you think I then thought about driving that car???
Thought about it, but thought I would drive home first, clean the dishes from last night, and call my husband. He told me he would see me later, as he was coming home to see the contractor. (Our living room is leaking, again!)
Saved by the contractor!!! No gambling today!!!