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No worries Jen. Celebrate recovery not based in London unfortunately.
My son is out today seeing my granddaughter in Brighton. Last night he got a call back from a voiceover he did to actually read the scriptin an audition. He has done a lot of extra work in the past some of it in well known films. Had to laugh as it was from a Casino. To me they are toxic effluent or whatever vera called it. Today I still played the computer game a little but set out my intent and registered for a Pilates try out class and bought the alkaline diet book. I am going to make that effort. Over Xmas I have put on weight round the middle and I am determined to do what I can to shift it.
Well doing a bit of work then going out for a drink with Pete for his birthday. Saved my French jeans until today to wear and a blouse I got from the posh shop which actually covers my belly ha ha. I look really slim in the legs with a covered tum but I know I need to shift the weight. I won’t even get on the scales. Sent my sister 50 quid without even being asked for it as I know she is really struggling. And now I am keeping to a budget.