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      hi ive been gambling for almost 11 years now im 32 years old. When i came to us im really not intersted in gambling but once u had a big win, u think u can earn money fr gambling but the truth is u lose more than wins. maybe they are few lucky onces that won a huge amount if money and never gambled it back… but most of the time if i win something i always go back to casino and lose it all back plus more and ended up not being able to pay bills and rent on time. And the my main reason why i really want to stop gambling is my kids i want them to not suffer and have a good future and spend my time with them instead of wasting my time on casino. 11 years of gambling and hoping to win and have free monies will never happen i will just lose those time i shouldve spend time w my kids…I love them to death and I am stop gambling for them. I dont want them to grow up in poverty. and i dont want people to remember me as an gambling addict. time for change.. No more blackjack,, baccarat or slot games.. i havent gamble for 1 week but maybe cuz i dont have any money but im expecting some money next week fr income taxes and i will prove that i will not gamble even a cent from that money.. i hope everyone is trying their best to stop this evil addiction and we dont let these rich casino becomes richer and us poorer

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