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      ok, I have been reading a lot of post and I guess its time for me to share story. My name is Tommy and I am def a CG!!! I do not know how it happen to me and did not think it would ever happen to me EVER!!! I am a ex college football star who had it made! Full ride all the love I could handle and the perfect life… The gambling started with small harmless bets on sports video games. 20$ 40$ max. I basically made my living off of it. I would go to casino lose a hundred and didnt care. I laughed and went on about my week. I think thats where it started and I did not even know. 5 years ago and my life is a complete mess!!!! I for some reason wanted to try to beat the casino and thats when I was introduce to poker. Poker was only game where you are playing other.people not casino. I studied it hard and next thing you know I was winning allll the time. I said wow forget making 40$ here and there, I can make thousands a week!! And that I.did making a lot of money got to about 20k as college student and then the worst thing of all things happen to me on earth! I was introduce to ONLINE POKER!!!! I would lose and lose and deposit more and lose…. For some reason I also wanted to get my money back and lose. I would go to casino and try to make up for loses and lose more . It got to the point where that 20k was no longer in my name…. I hit a depressed stage…stop working out, late for football practice, and even stopped going to classes… Nobody knew not nobody…i lied cheat and.steal to go gamble and it hurt… I eventually transferred to another school and nobody knew why..newspapers coaches and friends shocked.. 2 year starter and transferred. I started new school and said ok new start and I can stop. BOYYYY WAS I WRONG!!! No casino around, but guess what a online casino at your own bedside… I opened my first credit card for 1500$ and maxed it out saying hey min payment wont hurt…and lost. Became depressed and same thing at new school happened to me. I eventually dropped out. I went home and sold my truck for 5000 just to lose it all in atlantic city… Sorry this is long I have never talked about it…i think the point that hit me was just last night. I took my fathers Rolex!! And took out a loan at pawn shop for damn 700$$$$!!!! It is a 6000$ watch!!!! I have a solid job and will get it back tomorrow, but I need help! I AM IN NEED OF HELP I AM A CG!!! With my son due next month, and all this debt, please somebody help…i open took the coward way out last night…and that is selfiah to my unborn son…please help me ive lost friends family members and I am at rock bottom. I keep saying last time at casino but call out of work when we get paid just to go! PLEASEEE HELP.

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