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      I am a mum of three, first one of which is not biologically my ex partners ( The CG) but I met him when I was pregnant with my first son, his biological dad left as soon as I announced I was pregnant even though the baby was planned, I was forced to give up work due to severe sickness and other complications and had no option but to go on benefits. My Ex partner the gc – his first biological son was not planned however he was in the army at the time working and I was not aware of his gambling problem and we planned for me to come of benefits and live together and get married, as the months passed in my pregnancy i bought everything for my newborn baby and slowly became aware of the severity of his gambling addiction. when my baby was 6 months old he cheated on me with a random girl from a nightclub which broke my heart but was willing to forgive him. We never lived together because I could not rely on him put our baby first and would gamble every last penny he had and borrow money to gamble. over the next 5 years his gambling got worse and worse, after he cheated i removed my engagement ring from my finger until he could prove to me that he changed, he has stolen the ring and pawned it to gamble, he has pawned his own engagement ring that I gave him to gamble, I have got it back twice now from the pawn shop. he has stolen my brothers bank card and used it to gamble with it in the betting shop of which I had him arrested for. The latest thing was his granddad on his deathbed bought him a laptop and he has pawned that twice. during the last 4 years or so I have been on benefits while studying for a degree so when my children are of school age I can work and come of benefits and give my children a good life as they deserve it so much. But he has put loads of things in my address to obtain credit for his gambling addiction and July 2011 the benefits called me in for an interview and said that we were living together because of all the credit obtained in his name at my address. They stopped my benefits in October 2011 and I have been without assistance since and have had to rely on family to support me and my children. Now the benefits are prosecuting me for fraud because of all the things my ex has put in my address and I am going on trial in May for fraud when I am such an honest and decent person… And now I have to be nice to him because he is a witness in my trial (to admit that he obtained credit using my address falsely) meanwhile all of this has been going on my nan and my uncle have died and I really don’t know how much more I can take. Sorry its so long but just had to write it and get it of my chest…..

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