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Lily Nix

Thanks Sara for checking in, so I went to the counsellor, actually followed through. It was okay, for the 45 mins I was there, she told me twice about how she was addicted to smoking and compared it to gambling, did not find it useful at all. Some parts were okay, admitting it and saying it out lot that I have a gambling problem was good, but honestly after the sessions was over I had the biggest urge I have had in 10 days, but I didnt gamble!

I did book another session but not sure if I will go, talked with my husband and we made a really good plan of ensuring we have daily check ins and I am going to open up to my best friend, and I will keep posting here to gain the strength I need.

I know there are support group meetings on this site and I am going to join these as well.

I know I can never gamble again!