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Dear San
I hope that your health is good and your partner is doing well. It was so good to hear from you again with such a positive post.
San I am going to take a deep breath and hope that you have ‘known’ me long to enough to know that I am not judging when I say that you have said similar words before.
My favourite line was “I’ve contacted him once a week to have a mother/son chat about life in general and no mention of money. It’s so good to have a normal conversation with him” – but I feel I would be failing you if I did not stress the importance of not relaxing too comfortably into ‘normal conversation’. Until your son has controlled his addiction, his mind will not allow such undemanding communication to continue for long. I am glad that you are making the calls because you are controlling when they take place, allowing you to ensure you are in a good frame of mind but please keep those barriers up.
You could do no more for your son than what you have been doing. Your sanity is precious and could not be more-so than when your son turns the corner. I hope your other children are continuing to give you the happiness you deserve.
Speak soon