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Wow Kathryn, what a bombshell!  You are very wise to have a DNA test done before you do anything else.  I know a couple of guys that found out they had a kid 15-16 years later.  Both had daughter’s that wanted to meet them. I think girls are looking for acceptance and love. At first it was a big family scandal and then a novalty as everyone got to know each other, took family pictures and talked about the past 15 years…but the ‘honeymoon’ stage ran it’s course and both send Christmas Cards but only see their new daughters occaisionally.  Guess after not seeing each other for 15 years, going 1 or more years between visits isn’t a big deal.  I feel so sorry that you have to go through this.  And Vera is right when she says …’for God’s sake…DON’T GAMBLE!’ 
Who knows, maybe the new daughter will be a God sent gift to your family?