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Just finished ordering vegetable seeds for my garden. I’ve ordered 2 types of tomatoes, cucumber, rainbow carrots (as my Granddaughter loves them), squash and salad mix lettuce! I have existing strawberry plants, peach and green apple trees! Gardenimg is like therapy for me and gives me pleasure. It’s something that my Granddaughter and I can share.
I’m wondering if the world as I know it will be the same after the Coronavirus is over? Will I look at things the same way? It’s the beginning of week 8 in my self isolation journey. Days start to blend together and I have to check my phone sometimes to see if I’m right on what day it is. It has been easier than I thought being with a 3 year old during self isolation. We have a routine down and for the most part it’s been quite enjoyable!
My bank account is growing as I am keeping my online shopping to a minimum! I am happy as this is my house improvement fund! I look at money differently now and I value it more!
Many things have changed along with my gambling sobriety. Good changes!!! I’m happier and more content also. I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time getting to this point. Better late than never.