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      Hi im jay a CG last bet was may2011,
      its only took me roughly 4 mnths to figure out how to use the forum! But here goes…………
      I wasnt working friday just gone, 18 months ago i would have been in the bookies, the normal phone turned off or being ignored! as it was i wasnt i was sat at home and got a phonecall from my partners work, she had been took to A+E. I made arrangements for the kids after school and shot up there. For 11 hours i sat next to her, helpless as she was in pain and all i could do was just be there for her. when she got moved awaiting a bed on the ward we went into this cubicle, i lent over her bed she held my hand and looked into my eyes and BANG their it was a look of love and appreciation, she was drousey from the drugs they gave her and she just murmerd Thankyou.
      That look i will never forget and for me no bet no matter how big or small is of no value to me comapred to the look she gave me. And to think in just 18mnths i was there for her, and thats thanxs to site like this and regually attending my GA meets.
      Again im jay im a CG last bet was may 2011 and im proud to say im in recovery taking one day at a time
      thnxs for reading x

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