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      Hi everyone, pleasure to meet you all and thanks for reading.
      I have had a gambling problem for a while now. I’d say three years. Horses, dogs, football, darts, NFL, in fact there is no point listing what I bet on because if I am honest I would bet on two flys going up a wall. I have never had a problem or urge to gamble on casinos (don’t know if that is relevant but just to let you know my problem is sports betting)
      Now today I have hit rock bottom, I have spent all my money gambling, prob £550 since Saturday. On Friday I got paid and was £240 in profit on Friday night, thought this is great but it since got out of control. I have left enough to cover all my outgoings this month, just, but I could feel myself getting to the point today where I was going to empty my bank account into my gambling account if I didn’t stop. Found this site and started reading and felt I should post.
      Last month was the real problem, put myself in more debt, now to the tune of £7k, but I have sorted this in such a way as I am paying back what I owe in installments. I will be debt free in five years, but only if I stop gambling.
      I have a young son, a wonderful girlfriend and they deserve a dad and partner who can provide for them and not be preoccupied by gambling every day. I am stopping for not only them but myself. I not only need to stop, but for the first time ever I actually want to stop. I have tried to stop before, lasted a few months but eventually slipped back into it. it has got to the stage when I don’t enjoy gambling, I just do it, the same way i have a shower, brush my teeth or put my clothes on before I go to work, it is just a part of my daily routine.
      I have deleted all gambling related apps of my iPhone & iPad, deleted Twitter related betting accounts and next on my list is to self exclude from all gambling websites. This feels like a big step for me as before I would have kept these so I didnt miss out on any news regarding horse racing, or I would see a tip on twitter that won and I would shout at myself for not being on. Of course the first tip I would back would lose and I’m back chasing losses.
      This may sound like I’m rambling a bit, cause I kind of am. I just sticking all my thoughts down at this stage.
      If I’m being honest, I am scared about tomorrow. What happens if I get the urge to gamble. What happens if I can’t say no? It has been nearly 3 hours since my last bet and I am feeling edgy about the whole thing, but typing this out is helping. Reading it back makes me think “just don’t gamble tomorrow then, how hard is it?”
      I always aim for that big win, like £1000 but over the last month I have lost well over £2000. To a rational person that last sentence makes me seem like a complete idiot.
      Well the days of me being an idiot are over and I hope will a little help from this forum I’ll get through tomorrow and can chalk up my first day of non gambling.

      Thanks for reading."Gambling man rolls the dice, working man pays the bills"Bruce Springsteen – Shackled & Drawn– 29/07/2012 21:46:40: post edited by russ789.

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