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Hey Nick, not sure if it was hijacked or sometimes a new user to the forum doesn’t realize how to create their own and tag on to someone else’s journal by mistake.

Sorry I haven’t been around to post, had a death in the family and was traveling. I am grateful that I have rebuilt my life. I had the finances to go and attend and be there to support people I really love.

Making a list of priorities sounds like a great idea. I’ve noticed a lot of gamblers use gambling as a pressure release, sometimes a reward for ourselves for being there for others. The problem is when we have developed an addiction to it we can no longer use this as it will destroy us. Take care of yourself as you say. As we have been artificially increasing the feel good chemicals in our brain and now we take that away it can cause depression. Walking, jogging, hiking, spending time in nature, playing social sports, all can help increase these chemicals naturally. I hope you can find ways to add these things into your life. Glad to see you are still progressing in your recovery. Take care, Laura