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I always think its funny when people say i dont want to bump into anyone at GA.. they are there for the same reason.. if they are there they also are going through or have gone through the same thing. You might have got spotted at casinos too.
its funny the reasons we can come up with not to get help but all the reasons in the world to gamble.. not having a go, just having a giggle, as the addiction speaks loud and clear.. when you find excuses not to get help its often the addiciton talking because it doesnt want you to find a way to stop it.
it just ourselves against ourselves really its the biggest form of self deception.. I hope you do try GA.. its a wonderful help to be around those that are going through the same thing as you.. no one else quite understands it. How could they from the outsiders it must look completely ridiculous..
Good on you for your gamble free efforts, you are doing the right things, i would just encourage you to try GA regardless of those thoughts.. but of course its up to you, not preaching, just wanting everyone to stay in recovery, i wouldnt wish gambling on anyone… keep posting, if i offend you im sorry not my intention, just want the best for everyone