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I am from another side of this planet, I have gambled for more than 30 years…your story describe my struggle and I use your words to describe my story.

I started out casually with my friends…over time it progressed…but it didn’t take over my life like the way it has now… It slowly got to the point where… my mind is always focused on what games I can bet on and how my bets are doing… I try to bet small, but after a few days I go back to my old ways… I was up big, loss a tiny portion of it, and threw double to get back to where I was. It doesn’t matter how much I am up, when I lose I want to get back to where I was…

I’ve had weeks where I have lost a few thousand bucks and decided it wasn’t worth it, but a week or two later I am back…I said I was done for good…I lasted only two weeks and then I am back to my old ways…It’s like I TOTALLY FORGET ABOUT ALL THE PAIN I feel when I lose all of my money, and just continue to repeat the process…It wasn’t worth the constant stress.

I didn’t bet for a few weeks and then I started again…I was fine. I was up $X,XXX…but then I lost $XXX of my $X,XXX…I felt like I had to get back to $X,XXX but continued to lose. Eventually I…fully lost control. Yesterday, I tried doubling and went back down to zero, and that was the end of it. In one day I lost $XX,XXX.

All of this after promising myself I would never put myself through that agony again … I finally realized I can never place another bet. I am sick of my life revolving around sports betting…I am sick of allowing losses to ruin amazing times in my life…I have decided that I am going to enjoy the truely great things in my life instead of chasing a quick buzz from betting.