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I am busy packing still! I am not as far as I had hoped but I am trying to get other things related to my move done also. The home inspection is done and nothing is majorly wrong, just a few minor things need to be fixed. I have my home insurance in place and today I am going to get new cell phone service and get rid of my land line. I got up early to have my car serviced (oil change and tire rotation). Utilities, garbage pickup, water, cable, and internet have to be turned on to the new place before I move in. Just time consuming things I need to get done. I did take a break yesterday and my youngest Daughter and I went to a psychic fair. Now, I do believe in God (a higher power) but I do believe some people have psychic abilities. I had a session and it was fantastic. My Husband kept coming through. The psychic told me about my new home and described the weird shaped windows in the dining room. One of my favorite things about the home. He described the backyard totally and the peaceful and quiet neighborhood. According to him, the condo issue won’t be resolved till after January. I know that is true as I don’t even have a court date yet and in December it is hard to get a court date here. It was very interesting and he said to put the condo into God’s hands and it will be taken care off. I have already done that. My Daughter wasn’t as impressed with her psychic!!! Well it was a fun afternoon!!!