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Hi Taylar, well done on looking for help.

The good news about having all this at an early age is that you can address it now, not gamble/drink for the next X number of years before doing something about it.

Using support is important. Again there is good news – there is a lot of it about. Keep posting here, get to a GA meeting, get to an AA meeting, address both addictions.

You are already getting god advice here – who could help you with financial accountability? When can you get yourself banned from that casino?

I would say that filling your time is very important – with both drink and gambling becoming a problem it will be important to not just get hooked on the next thing that comes along. Fill your time and thoughts with healthier options, also a variety of options so that you don’t get hooked on something else – even positive things can become a problem if done to excess/the exclusion of other things.

Whatever is left of that inheritance put it somewhere safe – who could look after it for you? We all know that no money = no gambling. We usually find that out when we have lost it!! We can use that knowledge in recovery though. Barriers arent the total answer to addiction of course but they give a breathing space to allow you to start working on things.

Keep posting and let us know what positive steps you are taking.