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My son is also a CG . I have lived alongside this for 10 years. I can say that I have experienced feelings that I never felt possible. He has had a horrendous time but me also . He has been to GA ,
and even GordonHouse but still gambles . Finding this forum has been a real turning point for me . I have read about other mums suffering the same and had great support from Velvet on the chat line . The main thing is I have learnt about the cycles and learnt how I have enabled myson to gamble , the things I have done ! Also I have learnt that I must look after myself to keep strong . I have a daughter too and along with a new partner have to understand how they feel . I feel empowered now and able to say NO to my son but also keep a good part of our relationship. My heart goes out to you because I really do feel what you are going through and hopefully we can support each other. Sam x