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Hey Sunshine!  Don’t let thoughtless comments derail you … not even for a moment. I believe that like urges, comments will become fewer with time.  It’s funny how people closest to you sometimes make those remarks and it throws you for a complete loop.  Hubby has made some insensitive comments (as you know), I’ve felt icky in discussions with my best friends who, while supportive, still have that knack of saying things that make me feel "less than".  (Of course, all the gurus would say no-one can make you feel any way, it’s all up to you!  Ohmmm!) 
I hope by the time you read this, that you’ve released the frustration and got your wuji back.  (That’s a new word I’ve learned  … in my mindfulness journey ….OHMMMMM….DING!!!) In this moment, this second that you’re reading this, I’d like you to remember that you’re a success … every second that you’re not gambling.  As P says, you are a ray of light, my friend … and a good friend to so many on here.  We ALL (cgs and non-cgs) have done things of which we are not proud … but bringing up the past is futile and petty.  So … onward!  Forget the crap (and the crappy comments) and keep living the good life.
Now, I realized recently that you’ve asked me a few questions that I haven’t answered:
1. Do I think hubby is a cg?  No, I don’t.  He’s not as destructive financially, but he did use it as a bit of a escape.   Like other non-cgs, I believe he’s clueless.  Said to me the other day:  "How bad is this thing of yours, really?  I mean do you have to resist every day?"  Hello!  I’ve gone through the humiliation of excluding myself at casinos in two countries, I’ve blocked all our computers, I’ve gone to counselling and group therapy … HOW BAD DO YOU THINK IT IS???  Clueless … honestly!!
2.  What is a yam?  It’s a sweet potato … the orange kind, not the white kind.
3.  Candy cane ice cream?  No other explanation by HEAVEN.  It’s white mint ice cream, with little bits of crushed red and green candy cane bits in it.  Only available in our stores during the season.
4.  My gorgeous Xmas print?  I was trying to find an artist with similar style but couldn’t.  It’s a very large, acrylic on canvas scene of a room overlooking the sparkling ocean.  Very spare image … just hardwood floor, floor-to-ceiling window with sheers blowing in a gentle wind, parted to see an expanse of gorgeous sea.  Realism … I would say like Christopher Pratt, but his colours aren’t as warm and deep.  Play on light is incredible and it fits perfectly in my living room. I like vivid colors like Degas used. 
Hope that answers everything.  Keep your chin up, sunshine girl.
 This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.