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Hi Guys,
Hey Larry, the chiro is $30 no matter what they do. The pt with them is 100%. I never was a beliver in chiropratic since no one seems to be "cured" and they keep u going until run out of benifits!
I really like this guy tho and i think i’m atleast going to try a session or two.
Well Guys, I did it, I went to my first GA meeting. It was a good group, a couple who were 9 years and that was interesting.
They recomend that u go to lots of meetings but this was quite emotionaly draining and I don’t know about wanting to be the Newbee at a bunch of different places. I don’t feel like I did months ago and don’t think that I am in the crisis mode that I have been in in the past. But I do want to try to make the meeting on Thursday so we will see.
catch u on the chat!
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