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Hi Guys,
Oh Monday, you are done for another week. OK, new gripe. I am calling an orthopeidic dr tomorrow, as this pain in my leg has progressed from uncomfortable to painful. I am afraid I have torn something. Funny, it doesn’t really hurt to walk, even in heals, but let me get out of a chair or walk up the stairs, OUCH!
The "landlord" managed to run into me in the parking lot as I arrived to work. Hey, how are you? Can you let me in the bank. Cr*p, I really didn’t want to talk to him but he was two feet behind me, asking me how my weekend went and so on. He was walking into the bank telling me I looked nice as I proceeded into the back room to get away from him. Maybe he will get the message that I really don’t care what he has to say, and too bad I was so distracted, I should have asked him if "my face" was ok today.