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I am a sucker for the instant gratification that slots bring. We are drawn by the familiar music, graphics, bells and whistles that bring the good rush of adrenaline and serotonin and we yearn to feel good again. We need to remember that there are other sources of pleasure in life that can bring the release as well, albeit not quite as quickly but with the benefit of no gambling remorse the next day. I know I need to put more of my memory power on the horrible way I feel the next day and less on how I feel for the small amount of time while I am gambling. I am beginning to hate really hate all of the ways that we get suckered in. I am not weak. I am quite capable. I am human. I will figure out a way to rise above iinstant gratification, which puts me at the same level as most animals, and make more sense of my choices. I want to remember who I was and what drove me before this took hold. I need to practice doing things in increments again, to retrain my brain from the trap of instant gratification. I hope that you can do the same.