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      If you’ve never accessed help before this is a pretty big day for you and we want to say a big WELL DONE for plucking up the courage to come here.  We know it can’t have been easy!  We’re easy going here, all we ask of you is that you participate, use the service responsibly and share what you’ve learnt with others here.  If you’ve accessed help before, in whatever form, but it either hasn’t helped or you felt you needed to add a little more to you support network, we’re really pleased to see you here.  Either way, we’re really looking forward to getting to know you. 

      If this is your first visit why not take your time and have a browse around the site?  It can be helpful at first to read a little of what people have been talking about on our forums.  That way you start getting to know people even before you’ve “met” them in a group and you can get a sense of how things work here.  If you’re finding it hard to navigate around the site, you have questions or you’d simply like to talk to a member of the Gambling Therapy team, feel free to drop us a line via e-mail or access our one to one live advice helpline because we’re always happy to help.

      I suppose the most important reassurance we can offer you at this stage is that you’re not alone, we’re here with you.  As well as the caring and supportive Gambling Therapy Team, there are quite literally THOUSANDS of people here waiting to give you a helping hand on your journey towards recovery.  So dive in and get started because you can do this.

      One last thing, this is a FREE service but we are a charity and we rely on donations.  So if you are able, please donate whatever you can afford by accessing the link on the “Support us” page.

      Take care

      The Gambling Therapy Team



      PS:  Please take a look at the following pages for general information on the site and how to use it.

      Privacy policy

      Terms and conditions

      What’s all this cyber speak business about?

      User Guide

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      “If this is your first visit why not take your time and have a browse around the site”

      This is not my first visit to the site (have been a member for the past four plus years), but it is my first visit to the new format now in use so I too will have to browse around the site to learn my way in taking this fork-in-the-road during my journey.

      The new site might look strange to me and others, but for the new comers it is as it should be – they do not have the past look to compare it to, and I am sure that we can adjust to this change and recognize the help and support remains the same; after all is “Principles before personalities”, or in this case principles before format.

      Keep up the good work GT, and thanks for all that you do.

      Larry aka paul315

Pregledavanje 1 odgovora iz niza
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