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      It’s half past midnight so I can’t scream outloud, I can’t phone a friend as they wouldn’t understand…it’s just me, sat here alone….angry, frightened and wishing I could turn back the clock. Tonight is no different from most nights over the past 6 months….I got in from work, turned on the computer and played online bingo until about 5 minutes ago when I had reached my deposit limit. I thought I had only spent half the amount, if that. I have nothing to show for it, I feel sick at how quickly I’m falling into the abyss…..roughly £8000 gone. Gambled my savings, lied to family members to borrow money and now maxed out my credit card….what’s next? It’s the 12th of the month and my wages are gone…I will have to go to the bank tomorrow and ask for a loan…I just can’t believe I let this happen, but then I said the same thing yesterday and many days previous. I don’t even enjoy the bingo, I just hope for a quick fix. I’m sick of sleepless nights and waking up anxious. I’m sorry for going on, but I just need to tell someone…get it off my chest. I have to take control of this situation before it ruins me…how on earth did I get here?????

Pregledavanje 0 odgovora iz niza
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