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      I was, as in a waiting room, stagnant, airless, drear,
      I didn’t move and no one came, I felt constrained by fear.
      There was a door but it was locked, I couldn’t see the key.
      I waited anxious, fearful; who would come for me?
      I noticed pinned upon the wall a list that ran miles long,
      Headed “All Excuses Here’ and ‘see if you belong”
      I glanced around and still alone, I read the words with tears,
      Written by a thousand hands but worn and aged by years.
      The notice boldly stated that I could wait awhile
      To see if I was on the list, the list that ran a mile
      I started reading slowly, startled I read more,
      All excuses I had used, had all been used before!
      A mirror hung upon the wall, reflecting my worn face
      The mask I’d worn was slipping, as sorrow took its place.
      All my self-deception had brought me here, alone
      Relationships and self-esteem were splattered o’er that stone.
      So where, I reasoned, are they, the ones who went before?
      Had they found a new excuse that took them through that door?
      I searched that room for answers struggling with self-doubt,
      If I can’t find a new excuse I never will get out.
      The list, the door, the mirror, was all that I could see.
      I couldn’t find that new excuse, to write – and set me free.
      I noticed at the long list’s end, words of a different hue.
      “If you can’t find a new excuse, perhaps the key is you.”
      I hadn’t found a new excuse; they’d all been used before.
      So what was holding ‘me’ back then from passing through that door?
      I looked into the mirror and suddenly ‘twas clear
      I saw you all, who’d quit that place were not constrained by fear.
      I took a breath, a leap of faith; I knew what I must do
      Forsake my fear and place my trust in doing something new.
      With all excuses stripped away, I cast my fear side
      On my own but not alone, the door swung open wide.

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      Amazing!  Your description  your poem is just amazing !
      I hadn’t seen it until now.
      And it gave me a smile and a warm tear  because I m reading it now and now  i beleive it is my time.  I can see the key i have it on my hand i opened the door and i can feel that there is the light …i just need the power to make the  first step to just walk away . thank you . Thank you from my heart.ell

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      This is a wonderful poem V … you have a very special talent my friend.

Pregledavanje 2 odgovora iz niza
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