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      hi im married little under a year.. my husband is a compulsive gambler and lier!! he has been to g.a and goes a couple of weeks at a time and then doesnt go back. he thinks he can control it himself and he cant. he doesnt have alot of responsibility in the home and still cant pay his bills. there is arguments every month and he is negetive about everything in life. trouble is i dont think he cares of how its effecting anybody else and he has no interest in stopping. hes sucking the life out of me and i dont know how much more i can take im starting to really resent him for it and scared of hating him.
      what should i do im at me wits end and dont know how much more i can take.

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      Hi Toughlv
      Thank you for posting on the Gambling Therapy forum. As you are a GB resident you are entitled to free online support through the Gamcare website at .
      You could also consider talking to your husband about residential treatment which you can find out more about by following the below link:
      As Gambling Therapy are not funded to provide support within Great Britain can I suggest that you now copy and paste your post into one of the Gamcare forums where you will receive responses from others in a similar situation to you from all over Great Britain.
      You can also access online or face to face group support through Gam-Anon who are an organisation that specifically support friends and family:
      We wish you well in finding a way forward .
      Kind Regards
      The Gambling Therapy Team

Pregledavanje 1 odgovora iz niza
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